A Savior is Born, A Story

Our recent project: www.yogaglo.com is a training platform for those who want to become yoga instructors.

As I worked on it I needed some simple interface icons for admins to edit the courses and modules. Around that time I read a blog article. This article changed my life and my friends lives forever:

This was the article on redesigning Foursquare:


It opened my eyes to a piece of software I had never seen before but had dreamed of and desired in my heart of hearts. It looked familiar to me in that I've used other native Mac apps but I saw it doing things... things that I would do in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Things I was told could never happen in broad daylight - only in seedy alleyways and dark basements...

Could it be?

"Is this what I have been searching for?" I thought "The holy matrimony of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator?!"

Yes it was my friends. Yes it was.

The gods have heard our prayers throughout the years and have sent down a savior. Behold, Sketch is born http://bohemiancoding.com/sketch/

A New Age

I immediately downloaded the program and procceded to spend the next 3 hours watching and going through the motions of this series on youtube:


I was so happy. It was almost spiritual I tell you. Go tell it on the mountain kind of feeling. As I worked I was singing the praises of Sketch.

Making icons is so easy; shapes can easily be joined, seprated and intersected. All the while being non-destructive (no more phototshop flatening!) and vector based (goodbye pixelation!).

You can simultaneaousy work on 16x16 and 128x128 versions of your icons and switch over from vector view to bitmap view to see how they look on the web. Making any sort of icon was a breeze. What used to take 2 programs with a lot of back and forth, saving different formats, importing and exporting takes a fraction of the time in Sketch.

In the months since downloading Sketch I have used it for app designs, websites, landing pages, and of course; icons. Its cut my busy time down with its ease of use. Color me a a fan for life.