A whirlwind month of virtual reality

After making steady improvements to our OpenHouse VR MVP, we decided to start off 2016 with a soft launch. We unveiled our latest version at the Los Angeles VR and Immersive Technologies Meetup, where Philippe led an intimate talk along with Roy Taylor of AMD, who went on to give the keynote speech at VRLA.

This particular meetup at the Creative Technologies Center in Downtown LA is a great place to meet and hang out with virtual reality enthusiasts, and we got some really valuable feedback on our demo.

Philippe leading his talk on the next tech convergence.
Demoing OHVR with viewer.

The crowd was a mix of VR fans from industries in and beyond tech -- some folks had never tried VR before. Others were old pros. We've already made some adjustments based on the first wave of reactions we received here.

The following week, Philippe and I headed off to VRLA, which was sold out and felt that way.

The VRLA showroom floor

A gamer strapped into 'The Walking Dead'

'Raw Data' by Survios

An archery demo by Sixense

Demos for games like Raw Data had about a 40-minute wait. I couldn't handle the line, but if you were looking for immersion it looked well worth it. Onlookers checking out the displays could easily see the quality of the graphics and the harmonious timing and fluidity of the controls alongside the player.

Plenty to study up on for our next MVP.