Developing and Deploying with Docker Cloud

In my last post I showed off a photo scavenger hunt that I built using TensorFlow. In this post, I'll dive deeper into how it was »

We’re using a Twitter photo hunt to test new artificial intelligence tools

When developers build applications, we ask ourselves, “how can we help people understand how to use this?” But with artificial intelligence becoming more advanced, we’ve »

A study of Magic Leap's new CG demo, frame by frame

Magic Leap has been teasing us with the promise of seamlessly mixing the "real world" with computer graphics, aka CG. With half a billion dollars from »

Looking Glass

When you walk into our office at HTML Fusion, the first thing you see is a semi-transparent screen about the size of a New Kids On »

DIY Interactive Holographic Device

Realtime, Real Life, Visual Effects Digital hallucinations will soon be on sale to consumers. Some pretty nerdy headsets, like the Hololens, will start to blur the »


The Traveling Robot The idea of the traveling robot is simple. Roboti wants to get back to HTMLFusion. Users, out of the goodness of their hearts, »

Yeoman & Chrome Mobile App

Coding is a lot like writing a paper, getting past a blank page can be the most difficult step. Yeoman, a project templating tool, gives you »

Mapping My Walk with Photos

Beautiful 3Dness When you take a photo the scene is compressed into two dimensions. All that beautiful 3Dness is lost when it's projected onto your camera's »