Designing a User Experience for an Augmented World

We have a hunch that we’re pretty close to another large leap in technology, similar to the emergence of the web or the launch of »

DIY slouch detector

A couple of years ago I was afflicted by Frozen shoulder. It was extremely painful. I experienced a loss of sleep for days and wound up »

The state of Holographics User Interfaces (Augmented World)

We still remember Holographic user interfaces from blockbuster movies. SciFi movies have imagined and defined very visual and interactive User Interfaces. Credit Minority Report Credit: Her »

What are Holographic Interfaces ?

Holographic user interfaces are at the intersection of two technology trends, augmented reality and virtual reality. The core concept is quite simple. You map a 3D »

Phone Solutions For Small Biz

Small business require unimpeded 24/7 communication with all their staff to succeed. Phones allow real time communication in a way that email and other web-based »

Interview on Podcast: Co-working success

I recently got the opportunity to sit down and chat with Chris Estrada on his podcast, Coworking Success. It was really nice to reflect on how »

TiddlyWiki, an open source Evernote with VIM and Markdown

From Text Files to Evernote and Keep I use plain text files to organize my todos, meeting notes, worklogs and research notes. I needed a system »

Pivothead Controlled From My Pebble

HTML Fusion / by Philippe Lewicki A few months back I got the new Pivothead prototype and developer's kit. After experimenting with the Pivothead developer samples I »