Every Word Matters

The Web:
Whether we like it or not, much of the world's population gives and gets most of it's information from the internet. As a business attempting to differentiate itself from competitors, establish legitimacy, and express it's expertise (while maintaining brand alignment) clear communication is key to success.

The Building Blocks:
There are a scant few things businesses and individuals can utilize to communicate messages on the web. Images, sounds, videos, and words. Seems limited when it's broken down like that, right? But really, those are the only building blocks you have and nothing more. As a copywriter and content specialist... words are my jam. And I was brought to HTMLFusion to help tell their unusual and impressive stories. And because what they do is often hard to explain to your average person... it was super important to get the words right.

Draft after Draft:
While working on the stories that eventaully made it onto the HTMLFusion website (some drafts still haven't been approved!) I had to do a tricky balancing act. I had to somehow communicate all of the incredibly techincal information and still keep it upbeat and accessible. I had to share the intricacies and minutia of a product launch while engaging a potentially tech-naive reader. Much like walking an average reader through the challenges of a surgical procedure... this is a tall order. It is particularly difficult to adequately express a year of programming in three paragraphs! But we are getting there. Slowly but surely. :)

I'm so awesome!:
Who likes to write their own bio touting their excellence and brilliance? Its weird and hard. I'd say HTMLFusion is ahead of most tech companies in identifying that it would take an outside wordsmith to really be objective in describing their awesomeness. Establishing high-quality, seamlessly functional web-based products is something HTMLFusion creates for clients everyday. However, establishing their own impeccable online presence has been, ahem, a challenge. (Housekeepers have messy houses and whatnot, lol). When I came to HTMLFusion it was obvious that the problem was not in their storytelling abilities, but in being too close to the endless technical data to weed out what was not essential for the reader and being able to 'toot their own horns'.

Content is King:
All this to say it has been an exciting challenge to play with words for HTMLFusion. It has been a challenging balancing act trying to keep the technical info, branding, and client interests all addressed while keeping the reader excited and curious about what comes next. Without the stories of HTLFusions rad previous projects like GISHWHES and the Snapdragon Ultimate Photo Booth... it would be nearly impossible for a potential client to grasp their work ethic, sense of humor, technical badass-ness, and successful track record. I'm proud to have played a part in getting thier stories out there in a way that will no doubt generate more buzz and bring them more opportunities to prove their greatness!