DIY slouch detector

A couple of years ago I was afflicted by Frozen shoulder. It was extremely painful. I experienced a loss of sleep for days and wound up in the emergency room. After weeks under a strong opium-based painkiller, I started physical therapy. I was very fortunate to recover quickly and without any side effects.

Nobody knows the origin of Frozen Shoulder. One theory is that it's related to the day-to-day slouch position we often adopt in office environments. And so during physcial therapy, a lot of the excercises focused on straightening the back muscles.


Staying in front of a computer all day I adopted bad posture.
Work posture

I am the guy on the left. My physical therapist told me that in 20 years my spine would lock itself in that position.

evolution of the posture

There are a number of papers online about how your posture is important for your health and also important to how people percieve you.

DIY Posture Detection


To help correct my bad posture, I decided to stack together a few tiny duino devices, into which I loaded a short Arduino code:

  • TinyShield 16 edge led
  • TinyShield Processor board with battery holder
  • TinyShield Accelerometter

This served as a pretty useful homemade posture coach.

Commercial posture coach devices

Lumo Lift

A couple of months after I built my own device, the Lumo Lift came out. I've been using it since and I like it a lot. Its one of those few devices that I've tried to fully adopt.

Lumo Lift


Some other similar products that I haven't tried yet: