Employee Profile // Elsa

Elsa’s story reads more like a globetrotting fashion memoir than a tech tale. Elsa lived in Mexico, California and Indiana before she graduated high school. But Cali was always home and she returned as soon as she graduated high school. She often juggled three jobs before someone suggested she enroll her stylish self in fashion school... which she did. After graduating from FIDM and working her way up through the ranks Elsa took a job with Beldini (a line of knits) and traveled widely through Asia and Europe. She took a year off to travel in Europe with friends, and when she returned to the states she was ready for a change.

Change came when Elsa met Efrain, who she recently married. They met at birthday party she didn’t even feel like going to (lucky she went!). Efrain was friends with Mike Kai who worked with HTMLFusion at the time. Efrain and Mike raced vintage cars together. (Yeah, really.) Mike mentioned that HTMLFusion was hiring. She came for an interview and took the job as HTMLFusion’s first Product Coordinator.

A day at work in Elsa’s shoes. Elsa performs UX testing, QA, and communicating with clients. For example, one morning, she might learn multiple tickets have been opened by users of the Yogaglo app saying an element isn’t working. She would then test and confirm the issue. Then she’d let the iOS developer know the scoop and they’d let her know when it was corrected. She’d test again, and when it was fixed she’d let Vivek know so he’d sign off on it and inform customer service at Yogaglo. Then they would update the customers who were having problems. Problem solved!

Elsa appreciates classically beautiful things… like jazz music and Gone With The Wind. She would win best-dressed in the office if there were ever a contest (although others offer stiff competition). She adored the Vatican when traveling in Europe and attended a mass - accidentally - given by the Pope! She can’t go to bed if the dishes aren’t done and she really hates broccoli. Elsa. Rocks.