Employee Profile // Pedro

Interesting fact. Instead of banning alcohol on the beach like our Golden State... Florida sells it. According to Pedro, you can drink boozey refreshments and buy them from a state owned bars! This makes the beach in FL all you need to enjoy nature, friends, and fun. So Pedro’s enormous family with Spanish, Puerto Rican, and Cuban heritage collectively agreed to move to Miami. Really it was to bring them all closer together (Thanksgivings sometimes had 50 kids and 5 turkeys!) but the beach parties must have influenced the decision. Lol.

A designer from the gate. In the 9th grade Pedro’s talent was already obvious and he was accepted to DASH, an elite arts high school, where he specialized in design. He designed campus entertainment posters and banners for homecoming. He was the go-to guy for design even in high school. He went onto study design in college and afterward began working for small design companies and ad agencies (which he hated) before moving back to Pasadena where he’d lived before Miami.

A day at work in Pedro’s shoes. Pedro does way more than just make things pretty. He acts as project lead for Fitnessglo and dons a UI hat when needed. When he arrives in the AM, he scans for fires that needs putting out. For instance, he might get a request for new photos for Fitnessglo from the CEO of Fitnessglo, Callie. He would then select and pitch photos to her. Once she selects one, he photoshops it and make it live. Then the data is monitored to see if it has a measurable effect on clicks. If not, they try again!

Pedro doesn’t exactly love LA… but he loves where LA is. LA is in the middle of some of the most beautiful and distinct natural and cultural areas in the US. He regularly travels to Joshua Tree, Mammoth, and Santa Barbara to escape the noise of city life. His favorite band is Fleetwood Mac. And about the craze of kale he says “that shit is gross”. And, is biggest pet peeve is when people aren’t interested in finding a solution to a problem. He’s like... ‘Google it already”.