How I came to love my electric skateboard (and why you could love one, too).

I have a Yuneec. Not the drone, the skateboard. It's called E-Go. I’ve had it for 18 months and I still ride it everyday. I wanted to give a kudo to this great product.

Here's me on it:

I walk or bike to work, but take the car for meetings or events because public transportation in Los Angeles is too scarce. I believed a lightweight, personal transportation device would allow me to ditch the car, bridging the last couple of miles that would make a bus or metro train more viable.

The key is to be able to carry it comfortably on that bus or train.

When I purchased my E-Go (I'll let you work out all of the puns), it was at the beginning of a new generation of electric skateboards using LiPo batteries and brushless motors. The most popular model was the Boosted board, but at $2,000, purchasing one did not make sense to me.

I did some research and stumbled on the E-Go. On paper, it looked very similar to the Boosted, but at $699. I mentioned it to my wife as a possible birthday present.

I wasn't being too serious about getting an electric skateboard; I wasn't sure it would work as I hoped, it was still a lot of money for a "toy," and it was a long shot to solving the other problems associated with Los Angeles transportation.

But then I got the Yuneec E-Go and loved it. Its speed and range was exactly what I needed, clocking 12 mph and above 7 miles of range on one charge.

I ride it all over my neighborhood to go to work, restaurants, shopping, and to do errands.

I did experiment with my last-mile theory and it worked, though not as smoothly as I'd hoped.
Usually when I attend a night time event in downtown Los Angeles -- or DTLA as we know it -- I take the Metro train from Culver City to 7th street and then use the skateboard to go anywhere I need to downtown.

When there’s traffic, I save about 10 to 15 min vs going with the car.

In DTLA, the road quality is very poor, the sidewalk is always busy and cars are unfriendly to skateboards and skateboarders. All this contributes to a very not-smooth ride.

Without good quality "bike lanes," LA's last-mile problem will not be solved by electric skateboards.

Bottom line, the Yuneec E-Go is a great value. I've ridden it consistently multiple times a week for 18 months and I've had no issues.

It’s a solid build with a long-lasting, powerful motor and the ride feels great. Every morning I look forward to turning it on, climbing aboard, and feeling the acceleration.