How OpenHouse VR got started and our latest MVP improvements

Our ambitious MVP has seen plenty of traction over the last few months as reviews come back from realtors, investors and developers. The response has been overwhelmingly positive; immersion is adding a new dimension to homebuying.

Many have asked us where we got the idea to bring virtual reality to real estate. Here's Philippe talking a bit about the app's origins and a walk through one of our recent scans:

It's hard to explain the experience by talking about it, and a lot of realtors we've run into haven't had a virtual reality experience yet. Putting the headset on really helps with perspective (for those of you who don't have some form of Google Cardboard yet, there's a short screencast of the app in the video).

Latest OHVR improvements

Integrating the feedback we've received from several demos, we've made movement between rooms more fluid by getting rid of the yellow reticles, aka the orbs that hover over doors, hallways and any new areas you want to explore. With the release of the next version, viewers can click towards the general area they want to visit and the app will move towards the closest access point.

We're also implementing 3D modeling in addition to the HD photos to create a more immersive feel.

Why do we need virtual reality for real estate right now?

Google Cardboard recently revealed that they've distributed 25 million headsets, and that was just at last count. More viewers are reaching more eyes, and more content is being made to ignite the minds and bodies behind those eyes.

And that's vital to real estate. Buying a home is an invisible, nuanced and potentially very emotional experience that real estate agents spend much of their time and energy working to understand. The goal of this app is to take the sweat out of the work and make the process of viewing and deciding on a home easier on both the buyer and the agent.

A client's visit to a potential home is the first step. But once they've made contact with the property, how do they maintain a fresh feeling for the place without camping out?

Once a homebuyer takes their headset home and revisits the property, they can create and/or maintain a firm connection, ask informed questions, and confidently affirm their decision. A lot of good invisible work for an app and a pair of virtual eyes.

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