HTML Fusion's Mixed Reality Lab is transitioning. Introducing AfterNow.

If you follow our work and blog posts, it's clear that we're obsessed with future tech -- creating what seems like an impossible reality until it's right in front of us. Our team is constantly asking, “What's next?”

This question is so important to us that we're committing to our restlessness by rebranding. We are AfterNow.

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Rebranding is rewarding and something we've wanted to do since before we began experimenting with holographic user interfaces, and it's not easy. To settle on a name, we used our design sprint process.

Rafai facilitates the renaming process.

First, we needed to arrive at the new name. The team spent a week brainstorming what we wanted our name to accomplish based on a few key parameters. We kept in mind what conveyed our company message, what kinds of words we wanted to use, even how many syllables we wanted the name to have. We do a great deal of mixed reality work, so we observed patterns in the AR and VR spaces.

Once the team agreed to these factors, we came up with the actual names. Each of us put any names we could think of on a sticky note with our parameters hanging out in the backs of our brain, but no name was off limits. We had 30 minutes.

After the quick naming session, it was time to put our names on the wall. We then created a heat map based on what names the team liked. One green sticker was a vote. We could vote on as many names as we liked.

Eventually, we came to six finalists.

These are our alternate reality names.

With our contenders in position, it was time to do a lot of user testing. We asked our network of colleagues to give an initial reaction to each name -- without telling them what they were about -- and a second reaction after we explained these were potential names for our new company.

This is just one person's reactions.

AfterNow was the clear favorite. It's a word fusion that encapsulates our obsession with the future while putting you in the present moment.

Then it was time for logos. Pedro made his way through a few permutations. We're still user testing the logo (out of good process practice and habit), but right now we're using this:

As always, we're open to your thoughts. What does the logo mean to you? What pops into your head when you imagine future technology? Send us some ideas.