Landing Page Essentials

Like most things in life, a good landing page is all about the basics. What’s a landing page, you ask? It’s where you send internet traffic. You get a visitor to click to another page, or buy something, or tell a friend.

Keep your landing page simple. Don’t clutter it with copy. Don’t get too edgy or aggressive. Overwrought designs will actually hinder you, not generate buzz.

Your primary goal when creating a landing page should be hitting all the basics of pull (or response-oriented) copywriting. You need an engaging headline. Easy to read text (Remember: you’re not Shakespeare, even if you want to be). Outline the benefits of whatever your pitching as clearly as possible, but keep it compelling. If you get bored writing it, odds are someone’s going to get bored reading it. Then don’t forget to call the reader to action. And most important of all: be confident. Think of the coach who gives the inspiring speech at the end of the movie. Channel that feeling, and rally your internet troops.

You’re trying to generate conversations aka water cooler talk. So what separates a good landing page from a truly great one is how well the premise comes across. Does the headline connect with the hook? Does the copy deliver on the promise of the hook? Is everything tied together by a neat little conclusion that serves your ultimate purpose? If you answered ‘yes’ to all of these questions, then you’ve got yourself a great landing page.

But just in case you’re still wondering if your copywriting is effective, consider AIDA. That stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. If your landing page’s structure follows those four elements, you’re going to generate a lot of conversations. And that's the ultimate goal... right? Right.