Los Angeles VR and Immersive Technologies Meetup

This Saturday, I will be speaking at the LA VR and Immersive Technology Meetup along with Roy Taylor, Vice President at AMD.

Get your ticket here (it's free): http://bit.ly/1TSNDQF
Meetup info: http://bit.ly/1kMPydd

I will be talking about mixed realities, the convergence of AR/VR, IoT with AI and the future it will create.

We will also be demoing OpenHouse VR, the first product coming out of HTMLFusion AR/VR LAB. OHVR is a virtual reality app for real estate. We've been chronicling our process here.

OpenHouse VR is at the MVP stage. Our goal is to improve the quality of house visits with more qualified buyers by bringing them the emotional experience of visiting a house in virtual reality. We can't wait for people to test it this weekend.