We'll be at Augmented World Expo 2016. Here's what we're bringing.

Since we began working with the Hololens in-house, we've started building the future experiences we're anxious to see. Here's what we imagined for restaurants: Browse the »

A first look at the Hololens

We're pleased to be developing augmented reality apps with the Hololens for our clients. Want Hololens apps for your company? Join our interest list. Months before »

Why do you need an MVP? Exploring your idea from the user's perspective

By now, if you've begun researching ways to make your app, software or tech product go from being an idea in your head to a real »

3 current uses of virtual and augmented reality that have nothing to do with gaming

Image via vp8hosting.com Mixed reality technology might still be relatively young, but it's already showcasing its strengths in unexpected places, going beyond just the impressive »

Our design sprint is only three days long. Here's how we do it.

A design sprint is a process for answering pertinent business or product questions through design, prototyping, and testing. At least, that's the textbook definition. The longer »

How I came to love my electric skateboard (and why you could love one, too).

I have a Yuneec. Not the drone, the skateboard. It's called E-Go. I’ve had it for 18 months and I still ride it everyday. I »

How I hacked physical life with a Minecraft theme park ride

Anthony tests his ability to influence real-world objects from within the Minecraft universe. While I was never a child that knew what I wanted to be »

How OpenHouse VR got started and our latest MVP improvements

Our ambitious MVP has seen plenty of traction over the last few months as reviews come back from realtors, investors and developers. The response has been »

A whirlwind month of virtual reality

After making steady improvements to our OpenHouse VR MVP, we decided to start off 2016 with a soft launch. We unveiled our latest version at the »

Our company is six months into Holacracy. Here’s how we're doing.

In my previous post, I marked the beginning of our trek into Holacracy. We've had time to sink our teeth into the process and suss out »