Phone Solutions For Small Biz

Small business require unimpeded 24/7 communication with all their staff to succeed. Phones allow real time communication in a way that email and other web-based communication methods can't always provide.

When were smaller, with only 3-4 employees, it was simple and practical to just use our cell phones. I set up this company ten years ago with a cutting edge SIP phone system based on Asterisk and I purchased physical VOIP phones. The audio quality was great! And the US team could easily and clearly connect with the India office.

Unfortunately asterisk has become a pain to maintain. We have grown to 15 employees. Most of the US team is mobile, working from co-workspaces like NextSpace, so cell phones are the norm. Any corded phone option would be redicuolously archaic. So we need to update our phone communication situation.

Whats the perfect phone solution for us ?

  • We are a team of fifteen.
  • We all have individual, personal cell phones.
  • We are all 'mobile' workers. On the go, go, go.

Taking these considerations into account, I did a quick look around a found those potential solutions.

1) eVoice
3) OpenVBX / Twillio
4) SendHub

One potential solution I talked to was SendHub. The price is $23/month per user after 12 users... so this comes out to $322/month. This is a reasonable price to allow an entire team to connect. But we are planning, like always, to look into all of our options before we settle on anything.

Once our research is concluded, I will share our discoveries and our ongoing expereinces with whichever company we decided to move forward with. So check the blog again... for the second half of our exciting phone system upgrade saga!