The Traveling Robot

The idea of the traveling robot is simple. Roboti wants to get back to HTMLFusion. Users, out of the goodness of their hearts, can give Roboti a ride. When they are near to him, they are given the given the option to pick him up and carry him (hopefully towards his destination). There is only one robot and only one person may carry him at a time. Will he make it home?

The idea is inspired by this cute cardboard robot. Snapchat riffs on the the concept of bringing fleeting moments to the digital world. I'm interested in applying physical contraints to virtual objects. Of course the digital world can be molded to look nothing like the real world, but sometimes artificial constraints give rise to really fun behavior.

Lastly, the idea is to quickly build something interesting. I don't want to get hung up on any single thing. If it's not perfect, we'll come back to it. The main feature for this project is shipping.

We've already made some progress.


I'm using a project setup very similar the the Angular Chrome Mobile generator I blogged about earlier. I'm aiming to have something in the Android Play Store and submitted to Apple by the end of the week.