A study of Magic Leap's new CG demo, frame by frame

Magic Leap has been teasing us with the promise of seamlessly mixing the "real world" with computer graphics, aka CG. With half a billion dollars from »

Designing for virtual and augmented reality: Our trip to Microsoft's Hololens Academy

We were invited to visit Microsoft’s Hololens Academy in Redmond, Washington, where we spent the day learning and hacking the Hololens. The Hololens is a »

Tech in Motion Demos: Virtual Reality Real Estate, Space Invaders in 3D

First, a big thank-you to Tech in Motion for inviting us to share at VR night. Our latest offerings: A 3D version of Space Invaders and »

Sight ! Are we there yet ?

Two years ago Eran May-Raz and Daniel Lazo came up with an inspiring forward looking short movie, called Sight, about an augmented world. The movie focuses »

Looking Glass

When you walk into our office at HTML Fusion, the first thing you see is a semi-transparent screen about the size of a New Kids On »

Designing a User Experience for an Augmented World

We have a hunch that we’re pretty close to another large leap in technology, similar to the emergence of the web or the launch of »

DIY Interactive Holographic Device

Realtime, Real Life, Visual Effects Digital hallucinations will soon be on sale to consumers. Some pretty nerdy headsets, like the Hololens, will start to blur the »

The state of Holographics User Interfaces (Augmented World)

We still remember Holographic user interfaces from blockbuster movies. SciFi movies have imagined and defined very visual and interactive User Interfaces. Credit Minority Report Credit: Her »

What are Holographic Interfaces ?

Holographic user interfaces are at the intersection of two technology trends, augmented reality and virtual reality. The core concept is quite simple. You map a 3D »