Mixed realities will contribute to the next tech convergence

HTML Fusion can often be found out in LA wherever emerging tech is happening. Most recently, the team headed to WeWork in Santa Monica to participate in Tech in Motion's 50K member celebration.

Captain Philippe spoke as part of the virtual reality panel:

Captain Philippe talks VR

There's a lot of hype surrounding virtual reality tech, what other people are doing right now, and what we can expect to see in the coming year. Philippe is focused on a broader, more passionate view: A convergence of augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things will change our world as dramatically as the emergence of smartphones did.

Convergence creating smart phones

In 2007, a well-timed convergence of cellular technology, capacitive screens, and UI design, most legendarily mixed with a Steve Jobs hand, set the stage for a world mad for mobile apps and texting.

We love our technology, but it also stresses us out. We spend a lot of time on our phones and computers; many of us feel it's making our capacity to connect with other humans suffer, and we're subsequently removing ourselves from physical activities as we become engrossed in the convenience of our machines.

This can be resolved.

"We are in the process of better integrating the machines in our lives," Philippe says. "They are here to increase our productivity, entertain us, and improve our social connections. If everything aligns, we will start of a new era for how humans will interact with the machines. Our cell phones, laptop, and desktop computers will slowly disappear and be replaced by more human-like interactions."

So comes the next possible iteration: A future where you'll still be as productive and connected as you are now, without a smartphone or laptop. We will fuse reality with VR and AR, and make it even more accessible with the interconnectivity of our devices and the heightened intelligence of our programs.

"Humans are designed to be moving," Philippe said, "not stuck behind a screen and keyboard. We will be more connected and live a much more immersive experience. The machines will integrate with our physical world, we will interact with them naturally, they will let us move again."

Philippe also covered our experiments in Holo UI, which we cover frequently in this blog. Here's our most recent video demo -- we're working on curating the information a user might see in a fully augmented world:

We're actively creating this future, and the way we use these machines, as part of our work.

"It's now for us to define the future of how we will interact with technology, the Internet and each other," Philippe says. "We now have a chance to make it more human."

Philippe on VR panel Left to right: Tyler Andersen of V and Philippe Lewicki of HTML Fusion

See our presentation:

Virtual reality will help bring the next powerful tech convergence from HTMLFusion