The Future of Healthcare & Wearable Tech

An uncle who I was very close to recently passed away from cancer, and it’s inspired a new interest in healthcare for me – the intersection of wearable tech and healthcare, in particular. In many ways, the progression of technology has pretty much coincided with human health and life expectancy thus far (and in many cases healthcare has been the driving force behind these advances), and I don’t think the parallel is coming to an end any time soon.

There’s also been a recent boom in wearable tech and I’m very curious to see how the development of technology in these areas will have an impact on overall human health. As an example of a potential application for this, cancer still remains one of the leading causes of death, and yet most of the time, it’s because the cancer is discovered all too late. When the cancer cells are caught in an early stage, it’s often a curable disease, and soon enough I think wearable tech will provide a huge advancement in our ability to catch the early symptoms that often go unnoticed.

Another good example is Frog Design’s AirWaves pollution mask, which monitors pollution levels in the user’s area, and instantly shares the data with all other users via a smartphone app. Originally designed to combat China’s notorious air quality problem, the widespread appeal of this product is not so far-fetched. Despite looking a bit like something out of a futuristic, dystopian movie, the design is smart, elegant, and addresses a serious issue in a pragmatic way.

This is is such a new and potentially paradigm-shifting area of technology that I definitely think it warrants more investigation, both by medical and commercial ventures.